Wednesday, July 15, 2009

FORD Feeling

Oh, the fond, fond feeling of a Ford! This is a 1959 Edsel. After seeing it on the side of the road sort of stuffed into the bushes I got up the nerve to stop and ask the owner if I could photograph it. I'm not a car person. In fact, some might say I'm in a wildlife photography rut of sorts. I didn't know this was an Edsel, either. I thought it might be, but I don't know that much about cars. When I showed an interest in it, the owner took an interest in me. He doesn't take his cars on the antique cars circuit, nor does he show his cars to people. So, he's not accustomed to anyone taking an interest in them. Once he got the idea that I wanted to see them, it was no holds barred; he took me into his top secret garage! Hoods were popped and interiors displayed. I oo-ed and ah-ed at the enormous, pristine Bakelite steering wheel of his 'baby.' He was tickled. When I crouched on the grease soaked concrete floor for the side shots, his pride was nearly palpable. So then, it was off to his private barn where he keeps his prize, this jazzy, red 1955 Crown Victoria. Our bond was cemented when I said that is the year that I was born. Kismet. I could almost hear him thinking "Why didn't I meet this woman fourty years ago?" All I wanted was the photographs.


  1. The big question not reported in your blog: were you wearing your bathrobe??

  2. Now I like the Ford photos - cool again

  3. Cars aren't my thing either, but it is always interesting to meet
    someone who has a passionate interest. And your photos are really good.
    He must be pleased.

  4. Yeah - I'm a car nut, too! Not too fond of rusty Edsels, but the '55 Crown Vic is nice. Looks a bit distorted though. Did you resize it? It should be longer and skinner, shouldn't it? Lower and sleeker. Chopped and channeled (something I read about in 1960's hot rod magazines).

  5. What a contrast from your usual blog...we love the photos! careful...David may get jealous!