Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mess Of A Nest - Bald Eagle & Yellow Warbler Nests

Yesterday, I went birding all day with a birding pal. We made a couple of stops in Portland. The first was Evergreen Cemetery and the second was Capisic Pond Park, both off from Stevens Avenue. I saw Yellow Warblers at both places, but at Capisic, I also saw this nest. I'm assuming it's the nest of a Yellow warbler as I saw the bird several times in the branches of the trees just above the nest, which was tucked into some of the wild honeysuckle. The honeysuckle was in bloom and the sweet fragrance wafted through the air. If I were a warbler, I'd make a nest in the honeysuckle, too. There was white and pink; this warbler had chosen the pink. Could that mean that it was expecting a girl? The nest was only about four feet off the ground though, which didn't look too safe to me.  I was struck by how soft the baseball sized nest looked and how well constructed it was.
    Before I had headed off to Portland, I stopped on my way out of The Burg at a spot where I know there to are two eagle's nests. One I thought had been abandoned two years ago, but I wasn't sure. The second was built last year, but it never looked like eggs had been laid. It does look as if this year, they may either have eggs or are about to do so. Both adults were there, though one was a few trees away. I'll be checking on them regularly now to see what if anything takes place. By comparison, the eagles are real slobs about their nests. Both nests are about four feet across and a big mess of sticks and branches, each fifty feet or so up near the tops of  White pines. The structures look solid enough, but very sloppy and unattractive. If bird nests were compared to furniture, the warbler's nest would be a fine, slender legged Chippendale chair. The eagle's nest would be more of a Lazy-Boy recliner thing with a holder in the arm for a beer can, practical but lacking elegance.

"Honey, bring me another, Bud, will ya?"
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  1. What a cracking shot of Yellow Warbler. I must admit they are one of my favourite North American Warblers. I love the contrast between the black and yellow face. Awesome!



  2. I'm sure the eagle is saying "I'd like a miller
    lite please !"