Thursday, June 3, 2010

Her Highness Is A Lousy Housekeeper - Bald Eagle Stare Down

June 2nd, on my way home from grocery shopping, I stopped to check in on the Bald eagle's nest status. I believe this is Mom sitting here. If you zoom in on the photo (double-click on the image), you can see that there are lots of flies up there. On the ground in various places are parts of Seagulls and other larger birds which had been breakfast, lunch or dinner for the eagles. The bits of left-over bird parts, rodents and fish that remain in the nest must really stink it up. I suppose that's what is generating flies. You can also see the poo streaks on the branches where Her Highness is sitting. Lovely. I did see Junior in the nest. He moved a couple of times and flapped his scrawny wings. I did get some photos of that, but nothing worth showing to you. I'll keep trying. Mom chirped to the eaglet a couple of times and I could hear it chirp back to her. I tried pishing which got some stares from her, but I couldn't tell if Junior was responding to me or not. From directly under their tree, I took the top photo. It's an unusual angle for looking at an eagle. Suddenly, I remembered that I was in direct line for a major poo bomb and that I had melting frozen food in my car. That broke me from my spell and off I dashed for home. More to follow.........(Isn't this like a juicy soap opera?)!
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  1. YOWZA, what a closeup! You rock! That said, once the fog and rain goes away, I need to get off my arse and check it out. Awesome photos Robin!

  2. Well I think those are two awesome photos. I read some advice from a 12 year old boy whose grandfather is teaching him photography: he said to focus on the eyes. Well you don't get much better than that first one.

  3. Thank you, Peggy. I hope my housekeeping is better than hers.

  4. I'm getting "caught up" on your blog! That is an awesome pix- with the eagle giving you the eyeball. You were probably smart to move away when you did though!
    -Ms. Boo