Monday, July 26, 2010

Ms. Manors - Bald Eagle Washing Up

Each time the Bald eagle was done chewing from her carcass cache on the coast, she would have a few drinks of salt water to wash it all down. I'm surprised that the bird was drinking salt water.
  Madame Butchie continues to visit. I have not seen her working the jerky-like remains of the seal carcass, but she has been soaring around and loitering in the trees. The carcass has been roasting in the sun for a week now. Even the flies have died down. Maybe she is oppossed to processed foods; the seal does look like an over-grown Slim Jim now. Of note is that the Common terns, Herring gulls and Osprey have been giving Madame a very hard time, though they aren't interested in the carrion (ya, even the gulls won't touch it!). The raucuous "peeeeent, peeeeent," of the osprey and the shouting and carrying on of the terns and gulls alerts me that they are coming in my direction in hot pursuit of herself. I've tried to get photos of this event, but they have not been very satasfying. I get a lot of bird butt shots - hers and theirs.  The birds are nervey enough to actually make contact with the big eagle in mid air, bitch slapping her into ungainly mid air manuevering. So, the question remains - what is she doing here? The Totman Cove Take-Out menu appears to have become tired and The Welome Wagon ladies have turned on her like a pack of hyenas. Maybe she's here simply to escape the the Butchie Brats back at the hacienda. They've got to leave any day and then, she'll have the place to herself. Ahhhh, a nice long soak in the tub with candles, a glass of wine and a Norah Jones CD.
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  1. The seal carcass buffet must be so ripe by now it's "fowl" beyond appeal. As for the Butchie Boys...they have grown so much, poor mom has no room at the inn! Be careful, Robin, mom appears to have her eye on you in the photo.

  2. I know if I had to subsist on rotting seal carcass, I would want something stronger than fresh water to wash it down! Turpentine anyone?

    Excellent captures Robin!

    I'm homebound studying for an exam these days, but come Friday, I will be stalking Butchie and Butchie. Hopefully I can capture their first flight.


  3. I wonder if a Dirty Martini would cut through that sludge? That would be my idea of cleaning up!