Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"A Spicing Of Birds" - Book Release

     Mark you calendars, ladies and gentlemen! Be at The Gulf Of Maine bookstore on Maine Street in Brunswick on Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 4PM. Phippsburg artist, Jo Miles Schuman will speak about her new book, "A Spicing Of Birds." Co-edited by Jo with Joanna Bailey Hodgman, the lovely book is a collection of poems by Emily Dickinson, illustrated with classical works of avian art. The carefully selected watercolors, engravings, lithographs and early bird photographs correspond pleasingly with thirty-seven of Dickinson's works. Published by Wesleyan University Press, A Spicing Of Birds is a sensuous tribute to Dickinson's love of birds. Though birds were referenced hundreds of times in her works, Dickinson's deep love of birds has barely been mentioned in previous anthologies. The editors have here explored  the deep relationship of the poet to birds within the pages of this divine, little book. It's a book which feels good in the hand and in the heart. It will appeal to the birding soul in everyone.

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  1. Love the tanager and the robins eggs.I'm anxious to get the book.Hope I can make it on Sat.

  2. A friend and I are planning on driving down on Saturday from the Ellsworth Area. Are you going to be there, it would be an added bonus to get to meet you after all the months of following and enjoying your blog. I'm hoping to get a couple of books to give to some of my birding friends. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Just love the collage. I wish I was in Maine for this and am so sorry I missed it. I'll bet this bk. would make a great Christmas gift or two! ~karen

  4. Thanks, KaHolly
    Jo's book is available at the Gulf Of Maine Books in Brunswick and also on Amazon.com. It would make a lovely gift for anyone who birds, reads or writes poetry. Or, just like's beautiful volumes on their shelf!