Saturday, December 4, 2010

Scenic Sunday - Popham Beach

Popham Beach, Pond Island Light Early Spring

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  1. Oh how I miss walking along a beach, finding driftwood treasures. The feel of sand grating between my toes. Sea-birds squawking. Waves slapping at the shore attempting to escape, only to be pulled back into the tide once again. Oh how I miss...
    I have been an expat living land-locked for the last 35 years. I left S. California in the mid 70's, and I guess it is obvious what I miss the most.
    Thanks for capturing the mood for me. R
    Out on a limb
    December 05, 2010 12:00 PM

  2. Thank you, OOAL. There is no finer compliment for an image than when it evokes a mood for viewer.

  3. Desolate yet a peaceful scene. But what are those creatures in the water?
    December 05, 2010 12:29 PM

  4. Those creatures look like old pilings left behind from a long ago wharf. Robin, love how your posts always take me for a trip along memory lane! Popham Beach was a favorite destination for us when my daughter was just a little girl. Lovely photograph! ~karen

  5. KaHolly, Thanks! And indeed, those are pilings from a wharf long ago used to recieve the ferry from across the harbor and passenger ships loaded with Victorian era summer folk. I'm sure you knew that! RRR

  6. I'm catching up; this is a peaceful scene and I returned to it after the turbulence in your previous post. Deeply moving, this struggle to preserve life from what would destroy it - inside or outside. Your final image - red cabbage, I think - captured the swirling contradictions and transformed something ordinary into something provocative and imaginative.

  7. just that picture made me feel calm and excited. weird combination.