Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Benefits of Dilly Dallying

This Bald eagle landed in a tree that I could see from my living room this morning. I took these shots while still wearing my bathrobe. Sometimes it pays to be a slob. I'm a proffesional dilly dallier. It's a good thing, too. If I had hurried out of the house in a timely and efficient manner, I would have missed the whole thing. This is real lazy man's photography when you can still be holding a cup of coffee and not be dressed and still get these kinds of shots. Maybe I can get one to actualy fly into the living room sometime to make it easier for me. After all, I'm getting older.


  1. Perfect post, Robin.

  2. wow wonderful

  3. this mornings photos are simply amazing.

  4. Pam & PeterMay 6, 2009 at 9:07 AM

    The way I see it...Forget the star atop your next Christmas tree and invite the eagle in to reenact its pose!
    Forget about making excuses for the bathrobe...at least you were wearing one!
    Pam and Peter

  5. You kiddos better be careful what you choose to munch out on your deck.
    There I was in New Delhi many years ago, eating my "american hamburger" out on my hotel balcony about 10 floors up, when what to my total surprise comes but a very large hawk and SWOOOSH! -- no more gringo burger!

    Next thing ya know those Baldies of yours'll be knockin' on the door at all hours wanting to use the toaster or whatever...

  6. Cool! The place where you live is some kind of place! xxoo HRD

  7. Thanks, Robin, nice work. And what gorgeous children.

  8. Handsome guy, but I wouldn't want to mess with him!

  9. He looks like he's saying- hey, where's MY breakfast???!!! He doesn't look happy either- personally I think you need to throw out some of your frozen shrimp for him- maybe get a smile or something!
    Ms. Boo