Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tree Swallow

I love Tree Swallows. They are so social and chatty. These are nesting in a box on Haskell Point in Phippsburg on Rt 209. They are notorious for nesting in Blue Bird houses. In this part of the world, there are far more Tree Swallows in Blue Bird houses than Blue Birds. I did see an Eastern Blue Bird on the Heron Cove Road last Friday, though. It was thrilling!

This is a Sharp Shinned hawk. It was sitting on a utility wire not too far from the Tree Swallows. 'Sharpies' are notorious for picking off small birds in mid air. They are swift, deadly fliers and zoom like fighter jets after prey birds. Sharpies are easily confused with Cooper's hawks, but I'm pretty sure this is a Sharpie.

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  1. We've got the same situation here in Pa. More Tree Swallows than Bluebirds in the Bluebird boxes. I also enjoy photographing them with their head sticking out. Just don't get too close. I've had them fly out and start diving at me when I've gotten too close.