Thursday, June 25, 2009

Eye Candy = Soul Feast

Just a little break from the denizens of the damp, those that lurk, slither, writhe and snap. This is a White Admiral butterfly. On the peony, its wings are open. After it moved to a leaf of Raspberry Wine bee balm, it closed its wings. I took these shots late in the day as the sun was near to setting. The cool evening light brings out the blues in the rhododendron blossoms. These photographs were taken in my garden.


  1. I have had a BAD hair day for two weeks now! Enough already!
    Loved the Admiral butterfly perfectly posed on the brilliant pink peony.
    Turtle talk..."She is lucky to still have all of her fingers!"


  2. Great blogging as usual. Loved the b/w butterfly on the raspberry peony.