Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Nod To The Mundane

Once given the highfalutin' name Quiscalus quiscula, the Common Grackle was ignored. Maybe that's why they make so much noise. Could their raucous calling be a demand for respect and recognition? "Hey! Listen up! We are the Quiscalus quiscalaea from Mooselookmeguntic!" This ubiquitous bird has adapted well to man's presence on the earth. Not endangered in any way, it's a maurader that eats anything, even garbage. It's a crop raider descending on fields in whorling dark flocks and can strip a homeowner's feeders clean in no time. Pale yellow eyes and gleaming, metalic feathers evoke sinister armour. Lock your doors and hide the children! The Quiscalus quiscalaea are here!

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