Sunday, November 1, 2009

Deer Dancing On The Beach

 Directly across the cove from us is Hermit Island (see for more information). The island is largely undeveloped. It has rustic campsites for spectacular ocean side camping. Hunting is not allowed on the island, so the White-tailed deer abound there. The campers love the deer that have become habituated to humans. They are quite tame (the deer, not the campers) which allows for easy viewing. Sand-dollar beach is about 1/4 mile from here. I've become so accustomed to the usual shapes, textures and forms 'across the way,' that I could immediately see the deer from as far away as our house. I did have to use binoculars to count how many there were, though. Thankfully, I've got a telephoto lens long enough to photograph the surface of the moon, so I could get these shots. Otherwise, I would have to be in a boat for this look at deer gamboling across the beach. One winter the snow was so deep that I saw deer over there eating sea weed. They were along the water line on what would be the left side of the photo (north) and were clearly munching on the rock weed. Now, that's desperate. Unless, of course, you are eating California rolls wrapped in knori - throw in a little wasabi paste and pickled ginger, then desperation becomes haute cuisine.


  1. Cool! I'm not used to seeing beaches like that along the Maine coast! I know there are a few but not many where I go.

  2. Thanks, Ed! The deer are so lovely in their natural element like that, as long as they are in someone else's back yard and not eating my shrubs! There are lots of sand beaches in Phippsburg. We see seven from our house and there are four more on the other side of the peninsula.

  3. The deer must enjoy the solitude when the campers are gone- but I agree, eating seaweed can't be one of their favorite foods- but maybe it is!
    Ms. Boo