Monday, December 7, 2009

First Snow

Every year, the first really cold days of winter seem too soon. I always think, "I'm not ready," as if  there could possibly be a good time for it. This year, we haven't had much cold weather at all. There are still flowers in my yard to prove that. As of Saturday, they are buried under the first snow fall. Here in Phippsburg, we got a solid seven inches and it's here to stay. More is forecast for Wednesday. When the snow comes early enough, the apples haven't all fallen from the trees. Apples in snow are especially beautiful. The red ones shown here are crab apples. The yellow ones are some heirloom type in the yard of an antique cape in Parker Head. The house dates to the seventeen hundreds and I'm sure the apple tree is at least a hundred years old. The ducks are American Black ducks hanging around in the west side of Atkins Bay by Popham. They seemed to be enjoying themselves even though ice was forming there. By this time of year, the Great Blue Herons have migrated. It is unusual to see them now. They require open water to fish. This one was at the end of the Sam Day Hill road working a small pond. You can see in the photo that its fishing was successful. 

Cat O' Nine Tails in the snow

American Black Duck

Great Blue Heron fishing


  1. I loved the turkey feathers! I'm very happy with your aesthetic
    judgment and wouldn't dream of trying to change or influence it. These
    were truly lovely photos, not just "pretty". Some of them made me gasp,
    especially the great blue heron. My son, who feeds the mourning doves on
    his window sill in Harlem says that the doves are downright MEAN to each
    other and other species. I remember a naturalist saying the same thing
    (the guy who imprinted himself as mother on some baby ducks? can't
    remember his name). Why did they become a symbol of peace? Maybe the
    peaceful ones are the rock doves.

  2. inches of snow're so lucky! We've had a dusting, but have high hopes for Wed or Thurs. A house from the 1700s and a hundred-year old apple tree! That's my kind of place. I bet it's beautiful in the spring when it blooms... Love that American Black Duck! (Oh yeah....Cat O' Nine Tails...haha!)

  3. Your photographs are beautiful and love the humor in your posts!