Sunday, January 3, 2010

Birds In Winter

I took this photograph a few days ago, before it snowed. These bird photographs were all taken yesterday, in the blizzard. I made sure there was lots of bird food, nuts, suet and berries. I have a heated bird bath, too. Surprisingly, it uses very little electricity - about the equivalent of a four watt bulb. Birds struggle to get enough liquid water in the winter. I have seen birds eat snow when there wasn't water. When I see all the ice and snow, I wonder about the creatures that live out in it. I do what I can to help them. I had the luxury of taking these photographs from inside my house, secure in my bathrobe. It was the least I could do. No, really, I mean it. It was the very least.

                                American Goldfinches  in winter plumage, males                                                           

Male and Female Northern Cardinals

Blue Jay and Mourning Dove

American Tree Sparrow

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  1. Beautiful photos Robin! Sharp and colorful in the winter background.

    My birdbath heater went haywire during the first part of the snowstorm. Going out today to replace it.

  2. Thanks, John. Where did you get/are you going to get a new feeder? Mine came from Ames Supply in Wiscasset. They aren't cheap!

  3. love the bird photos.finally got through to post a comment(pilot error i'm sure)

  4. Hi Robin. Superb photography. Cheers Frank.

    P.S. I have added you to my reader list.

  5. Hi robin. Stunninmg photo of the B;ue Jay - what a beatiful bird!! great post. When I was in the UK I used to carry a big box of seed in the car and put feed out wherever it was needed in winter.

  6. Gorgeous! I'm envious of your cardinals.

  7. Hi Robin,

    Lovely bird pictures. You caught us skating in your header picture. That's me on the left, my sons Andrew in the middle and Ben on the right. And, of course Lily our black lab.

    It's the only day we got out this season.

  8. How fabulous is that?????? I was thrilled to see people on 'Center' skating while on my way home. Let me know how to get in touch and I'll make a print for you and your family. I hope you enjoyed the day and seeing yourselves on my banner, RRR

  9. You've got some excellent bird images there but I really love the ice image at the top!

  10. Thanks, Ed. I'm glad there is appreciation for an ice image in January in Maine! I think it's quite arty in a journalistic way.

  11. I have to say that the Blue Jay and Mourning Dove would make a perfect Christmas card. Lovely!

  12. Thanks Robin for visiting my SmugMug site. I love your bird photos. I'm especially fond of Blue Jays and that Blue Jay photo is gorgeous. Have a great weekend.

    They're all beautiful!