Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lobster Roll - Snowy Egret Catches Lobster

Yesterday, I saw eight Snowy Egrets at Lobster Cove on Rt 216 in Phippsburg. They were fishing in the shallows along with a few Double Crested Cormorants. Two Herring gulls were taking advantage of prey being kicked and hauled up by the other birds. The egrets were fishing for baby lobsters, which can be seen in these photos. 'Snowies' use several methods for fishing. Today, they were using the 'kick the mud around' method to get the little lobsterettes to rise from the bottom. These birds, like so many when they are in breeding plumage, look magnificent and at the same time preposterous, cartoon characatures of themselves.

Do you see the little lobster in the egret's beak?
 "Hey, buddy, you gonna share some of that?" 

"I like a bit more mayonnaise with mine and maybe a dusting of paprika. Okay?"


  1. I like mine with mayo, sweet onion and tomato.

    Awesome photo series Robin! Love the plunge/splash photo.

  2. They are beautiful birds! Never knew they liked baby lobsters- what do you suppose they eat at the pond at Oak Grove cemetery? Frogs, I would guess!
    Ms. Boo

  3. Great photos of the Egret!! Love your captions under them to!! Now about lunch!! I would like my lobster roll with chunky pieces of meat ( nothing regurgitated please-thats for the bird ) extra mayo; paprika lightly dusted!! :~}

  4. Only the French ones eat the frogs and only the legs. And, I would add for the lobster roll: no filler chopped up lettuce, either. I like lettuce, but that's cheating on a lobster roll!

  5. Patience, stealth and guile. Qualities a good birder requires, as well as a good eye and camera. You have them all!!

    Your Kentucky fan.