Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"You Stink!" Butchie Check - July 19th

"Butchie, do you think I need stronger deodorant?"
I went twice yesterday to check on The Butchie Boys. They did not even flap once while I was there. They are holding their wings out almost like buzzards or cormorants do to dry off. Big birds like Turkey vultures and eagles do this to cool off. It must be pretty ripe up there with the heat and humidity that we've been having and the remains of dead fish and mammals rotting. Below the nest I could distinctly smell dead animal. I couldn't find anything nor did I see flies. I can usually find a dead thing if I watch for flies. I'm thinking maybe that foul odor is coming from on high.

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  1. ""I thinkie that the Butchie Boys are stinkie""!! : }

  2. Wonderful photos,Robin,and I thought I had some good ones.Do you remember when we had the seal carcass on the rocks in front?Phewee!!Get out the lime chrystals.

  3. The sea eagles', Osprey, nests really really stink of rotten fish.
    July 24, 2010 01:26 PMI