Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's For Lunch? - Eaglet Update

An adult, Bald eagle charges after an Osprey carrying a fresh flounder

 I'm quite sure this eagle is one of the parents of the twins I've been watching at Winnegance in Phippsburg (below). The eagle chased the Osprey around for about ten minutes before it gave up. The Osprey really worked to keep its catch secure from the bigger bird. The top left shot shows how fast the osprey was flying. Sometimes, these chases result in ospreys dropping their catches, whereupon the eagles will snatch them up right out of the water.
The eagle has chicks and has to work really hard right now to feed them and to feed itself. The Osprey probably has young to feed, too. Everybody is fighting for the food.

Our family Fourth Of July reunion is over. Our last house guests left this morning. I'm glad to have my house back, but I already miss them. They all make great efforts to get here from all over the country and to make contributions of food and libations for the big event. My job is to keep the food coming, just like the birds with chicks. I can't quit in the middle of the game, even when I'm tired. I smile, fry, roast, toast, laugh and cry when it's all over and they are all gone.
My chick is the one in the foreground. She has been here all the way up from New Jersey to see us. We had sparklers for the Fourth of July, but never lit them up. We never even took them out of the box! I certainly did not need to; I have her. Look at the sparkle!

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  1. Every time I check that nest, I hear the Eaglets, but never see them. Grrr! I will prevail!

    You are right. You don't need sparklers with such a beautiful daughter.


  2. I love your chick too.I remember when she was in high school and made place mats and cocktail napkins for us.She looks great! We had an eagle in the trees next to the wharf this a.m. around 6:00.It was neat to see it.Great eaglet photos.

  3. Robin - a new follower of your blog. a devotee. Your photos, your humor, your mother's loving heart, are all an inspiration. thank you for sharing all of these things with the world!

  4. Nice Robin...It is a good thing we don't have to fight for our food at the grocery store...although one time at Wal-Mart I was sure there was going to be one!!! Like you fries with the fish caption!!! : }
    Nice you had a good 4th reunion...good that your little chick made it!!! Its nice to have company but....Whew!!!

  5. Welcome aboard, Selby! How lovely to have a new follower and how wonderful to have all the rest of you out there. You guys are the greatest, and I DOOOO mean that. You all make me feel like a big shot. Thank you.

  6. Thank you, Grammie G! Good to hear from you. Did you make it the beach for the Fourth? Did you eat too much pie like all the rest of us did?

  7. John, I've told the eaglets, Butchie and his brother, what your car looks like and to duck when they see you coming. They LOVE messing with you!

  8. Very nice! No wonder you are happy.
    You need to send someone out with a basket or net to catch that flounder when it falls!
    C. in Town Hill