Saturday, May 9, 2009


I've had a dream week of Birding In The Burg! In three days, I saw more 'life birds' than some folks get to see in, well - in their whole lives! I saw this Bald eagle in my yard, a nestling Barred owl and its mom, TOGETHER no less, and this Red Bellied Woodpecker. Just so you don't think it's always easy for me or that I have some kind of magic birding mojo, I was Weeding For Dollars (what I call my gardening for money) when I saw the woodpecker. Yes, I obviously had the camera with me, even though I was working. Hey! You just never know so you should be ready. The owls I had to work for. Two weeks ago, I had come across the nest cavity. The hole looks like a heart to me. Awwwwww! I checked on it sometimes as often as three times a day. But, all I could see was Junior's butt sticking out of the hole. Yesterday, I got the same view. It was just about to pour down rain and I could hear thunder. I was losing the light I'd need for good shots. I began to make a high pitched, whistling noise, barely audible to the human ear. And voila! Junior came out to check me out. He flew to a near by tree and preened for a bit. Then, Mom showed up to see what I was doing to the kid. Then she joined him for a little nuzzle. And I got the shots! Suddenly, the skies let loose with rain and all three of us took off for shelter. Now this part you'll think I'm making up, but I'm not: When I got home I looked back in the direction of where I had taken the owl photos and there was a rainbow. Scouts honor.


  1. Your owls are very good, darkness and all…K

  2. Wow! That's awesome!

  3. You must have had to stalk these guys for days to get these pictures.

  4. Gorgeous photos, Robin, and I admire your observation skills so much. I'm so pleased to be on your list at last and please keep me on it for the duration of your Controlled Chaos. Such a wonderful spot to see nature through your eyes. Those sharp eyes of yours are awesome. Thanks, Becky

  5. Great shots Robin!


  6. Now...that was SOME enjoyable piece! The only thing missing...a photo of the rainbow!
    Love ya,
    Hula Girl

  7. Excellent owl photos. It's pretty rare to find their nest hole. Thanks
    for posting.


  8. Man! That Eagle's got an attitude! Frame that one.


  9. Great photos, thanks for sharing!

  10. I think the bird you've called junior is an adult. If you look at the junior looks at me suspiciously pic carefully, you can see that the tail is frayed or worn, not what one would expect from a youngster. It's my guess that you're seeing Sir and Madam and Sir is feeding Madam, thus demonstrating his great hunting skills.

    Barred Owls are usually laying eggs or sitting on eggs and it'll be a while before young hatch and emerge.

    Very cool pics, thanks for sharing.