Thursday, May 28, 2009


 A Mockingbird landed on my deck yesterday. Then it flew to the top of a tree. I saw it return five times over the course of the day. Each time it threw its head in the air and sang and sang. I wished I had a recorder because it was fantastic vocalization. It sounded like a Chickadee, a Catbird, an Oriole a Cardinal and a Robin all rolled in to one. Once, I saw a male Northern Cardinal land on the same tree and they got a little snippy with each other over this high perch. The Mockingbird won. I used to see Mockingbirds every summer when I lived in North Bath. They frequented an apartment complex that sat in a wide open field. That's the kind of habitat they prefer, semi urban open areas. But, I had never seen one here in Phippsburg. I had missed them. My heart had always skipped a beat when I had seen them. It's not that they are overly attractive birds. There are many birds here that are much more elegant and classically pretty. But, when I was a kid I had a deep crush on Gregory Peck. I can still hear his voice as Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird. When the Mockingbird opens its bill to speak, I hear Gregory Peck. Once you've heard a Mockingbird sing, you'll never forget its voice. I'll never forget Gregory Peck, either.


  1. When I see a blackbird I always think of Alfred Hitchcock!

  2. What a show! Lovely pictures. I'm no help on any of the raptors, except
    I did have a beautiful view of a red tailed hawk from my sun room
    windows yesterday morning. I take my breakfast on a tray and sit looking
    out over the fields and marsh. I call it Breakfast with the Birds and
    do it every May. I keep a record for every day of the month and add it
    up at the end. I was away for 3 of the best birding days, but I usually
    get at least 20 species just looking out the windows, or walking in our
    woods or fields. We have five nesting pair of tree swallows in bird
    houses on the barn or in the field, and at least five more pair of barn
    swallows in the barn. I have to cover everything in there with
    painter's plastic or paper covers because it makes a terrible mess. But
    I do so love having them around. When there are babies I hope you will
    come and take some photos. I have tried many times but my cameras are
    not up to it. It needs a much better lens. Will you do that? Please,
    please, please?
    A mocking bird always shows up here in the field during migration but
    he doesn't stay around. It does feel very special--for me it is because
    growing up in Massachusetts there were never mockingbirds. They have
    only came up north quite recently, so it always astonishes me.
    The photo of him singing is especially beautiful!
    Thanks Robin for sharing your work.

  3. Maybe I should read the book/watch the movie again. I have yet to see a Northern Mockingbird in our yard!

    Plenty of Gray Catbirds.

    Very nice photo!