Friday, February 27, 2009

He'll Eat Anything

In a comment posted earlier, 'Anonymous' asked to see a photo of my husband. Well, as they say, "Careful what you ask for!" Here is David doing one of the things he does really well: eating. He is eating a raw Hen clam, a type of Quahog. As you can see, the clam is as big as his hand and David is a really big guy! He is a retired line backer with the Jets, so his hands are enormous. That's the guts of the clam hanging down around his wrist. In this next shot, he is eating a raw shrimp. We pick shrimp out every spring and put them in the freezer. This year, we picked fifty pounds which yielded twenty five pounds of meat. Twenty four hours after we had them in the freezer, the power went out for three days. Stick your head out your window right now and you'll be able to smell it from where ever you are. In the third photo, he's doing something illegal with a cooked lobster. David is on intimate terms with many things that come from the sea and most of them, he eats. He is a marvel of human engineering, eating constantly and eating anything. This makes him a delight to cook for, as he thinks I am a gourmet chef, no matter what slop I put on the table. This is one of the reasons I love him. He makes me feel heroic as I'm just carrying out mundane tasks of daily living, like cooking supper. He makes me feel talented, even when writing this blog, which is often at his expense. It's true love at work.


  1. Gotta love him!!! I miss you Uncle David!

  2. Yep, Dave will eat anything, I want to see the picture of him day after heavin up those raw clams.....
    He's the man, he's MONEY!!

  3. Loved it!...except for the DIGUSTING Hen clam...YUCK! David really surprises us with his many talents...line backer for the Jets! He's been withholding some crucial info. To think we could have gotten free tickets to the games!

  4. Love the pix of Dave. Keep the posts coming!

  5. good, wacky, weird piece,

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