Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More of Ben's Buddies

While doing the dishes this afternoon, a dark form moving across the snow caught my attention from the window over the sink. Glancing up from the suds, I thought "What on EARTH..........???" There were about a dozen of them. Camera at the ready at all times, I was prepared. I did have my 100-400 telephoto zoom mounted which actually made it a little difficult to get a shot when they appeared in the slider by the grill as they were too close. They really do have a kind of stupid look in their eyes, but when my dogs finally sobered up and realized they were there, all hell broke loose. The turkeys were smart enough to vacate quickly. The dogs barked and roared while charging the glass, the turkeys tried to fly, crapping as they went, GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE - hysterical one of them flew into the side of the house! CRASH! More crapping. Wow, do they leave a mess! Next time we go out to the grill (we grill outdoors all winter long) we'll have to be very careful where we walk. Turkeys have become plentiful around here, but in the yard, in the garden, well, that's a first.


  1. Let's see pictures of your husband!

  2. Add talented writer to your self-desription!