Friday, June 5, 2009


I took these shots a few days ago at the mouth of the Kennebec River by Fort Popham. There, the Ospreys and seals were busy catching Alewives, not the Sand Dabs that they are after at my house. When the Ospreys were right over my head, looking for fish, it looked like they were checking me out for lunch! They have impressively large, sharp talons which could scalp a girl in no time flat. That is, if they didn't become hopelessly tangled in my hair, which would be bad for us both. Who would you call in a situation like that? The fire department to come with the Jaws Of Life or a good hairdresser? It would be a wound that would be hard to explain in a hospital emergency room, especially if I was in my bathrobe.


  1. Great Osprey pics Robin!

    I know what you mean by those birds looking down at you. I nearly, and I mean nearly got mowed over by an Osprey when I was at Parker Head Dam several weeks ago. I felt the rush of wind from its wings!

  2. I don't know which I enjoy more...the outstanding photography or the humorous, entertaining narrative that accompanies it!
    Hula Girl

  3. Photos are great, blog very funny, "especially if I was in my bathrobe" priceless.

  4. I would just run down to you with a VERY sharp
    pair of scissors and give you a quick haircut.ha-ha

  5. Very nice Osprey Robin… there are 4 photos of Osprey, I like # 3 the best.


  6. Nice stuff! I particularly liked the osprey shot with the wings up and the fish in his talons. xxoo Heather

  7. Superb photos, as usual. It is time you shared your work with a wider
    world I think. Do you submit to Audubon? or Geographic? With your
    writing skills and photos you could do a book of your own? "One Woman's
    World"? Taking off the E.B.White title?

  8. Nix pix of da boids, Robin...