Tuesday, August 18, 2009

DAY EIGHT, Give Back Our Gate!

Day eight,
And we can't wait!
To have back
Our gate!

Or kitchen door, as it were. This was yesterday, August 18th, day eight from hatching. As they saying goes, "you don't miss your water 'till your well runs dry." The same can be said for not being able to use the kitchen door. We have taken for granted the coming and going from that access. Cars park on that side of the house. It's the door through which all of our friends come and go. I warn them all repeatedly, "Do NOT come through the kitchen door!" The dogs favor that entrance. The trash barrels are on that side of the house. And the list could go on. I'll be glad when these little monsters get it together and move on! I want my life back, before adoption. I'm guessing poor, haggard Clarise feels the same. She's sitting on the roof of our trash shed. I am surprised that she is taking berries to her youngsters. What I have read is that robins feed their young invertebrates - caterpillars, and worms as most of us know. I have seen her ferrying those delicacies to them. However, at least half of what I've observed her to serve has been these honeysuckle berries. The juniors, quite suddenly, it seemed, sprouted pin feathers from their wings. I can see them moving without getting up on my ladder. They are exercising their wings when they reach for food. Get ready, get set - GO!


  1. Now they're getting cute!

  2. I guess those kids need their roughage to keep things moving along - and haven't you ever heard of 'a balanced diet'? I thought honeysuckle berries were poisonous to little girls, anyway - used to play under a bush in weather like this in NJ! And that was before air conditioning made it into the houses.

  3. Thank you, Liz! Why didn't I think of that?????? Roughage, indeed! RRR

  4. good to see your puffins again. Where is the time going? How could it have been a year already. I see the robins are still pretty ugly. Guess they don't get the little fuzzy yellows like baby chicks.