Monday, August 24, 2009

The Little Monsters, Day 12

Doesn't this one look like as if it has ears? They look like mad scientists, complete with singularity of focus and insanity in their eyes! "The worm! The worm, give us the worm!" Clarise has been bringing bundles of invertebrates and berries. There is a caterpillar and a grasshopper in this load, along with other stuff I can't identify. Feeding is really quick, no appetizers nor grace said. She stuffs it into those golden maws, grabs a fecal sac to discard and runs off to do it again. All three of them seem equally vigorous. Tuesday should be the day they begin to evacuate. I'm going to lay the ladder down on it's side on the ground, so that if any of the nincompoops falls to the ground, I'll get to them before some predator, hopefully.


  1. Turdus Migratorus really is the robin's latin name?
    Hmmm...and here for the better part of the last 2 weeks I've been thinkin' the natives was back to pokin' fun at the Summah People.

  2. Now THAT was funny! I wish I had thought of it; I would have used it! RRR