Monday, August 10, 2009

They're Here! They're Here!

There is a show on 'cable' called "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant." It's 'real' TV, documentary style about women who have given birth, but did not know they were pregnant until the moment of delivery. That sounds ridiculous to most of us who have given birth. I would not have believed that a producer could come up with enough women to have a whole series based on this concept, either. But, I was wrong. Shows what I know about human nature and show biz, because there doesn't seem to be an end to the numbers of women that this has happened to. They are not all uneducated dunces and many of them were on legitimate birth control, honestly! Some of them had previous children, as well. Numerous of them rejected their newborns at first, as they hadn't had a second to contemplate being mothers. I won't walk you through all the scenarios, but I'm sure that at least one of you will secretly get cable some time soon just to find out how this could happen. I may appear in an episode myself, as I gave birth this very day and didn't know I was pregnant, either (well, maybe two of you will get cable, now)! I had posted recently that a robin had nested in a planter mounted on our house and had laid three eggs. I promised that I would watch for the hatching and report. Today was the big day. The first two hatched this morning and the last one later in the day. In the following photos, the first two are seen with the third egg still intact. In the other shots, you can see that one of them still has wet feathers. Only hours old, they already vocalize, though weakly. They raise their heads, mouths open for food, even though their eyes are still sealed shut. They are the homeliest things I've ever seen in my life! And I already love them. I've been caught off guard by my feelings for these little darlings, even though I didn't really know I was pregnant. I hope they all make it. I'll let you know as they progress. And I promise: I'm past rejecting them because they are ugly and I was unprepared. I'm hoping for a post delivery baby shower. If anyone wants to crochet a crib throw, make sure it's under 2" by 2".


  1. Keep taking photos and send them to a Nature magazine and see if they will buy the series of photos.

  2. Keep taking photos to show how they become beautiful from ugly.

  3. What incredible photos! Never seen anything like it, always assumed birds are born with feathers and eyes open, silly me. These are great. Don't believe the yarn about the pregnant women though.

  4. Oh! Funny, Phillip! Yes, indeed, widdoooo bitttttty dinos! RRR

  5. Robin... I sorry but.... the trapper .. wasn't a very good trapper..! becouse beaver meat is very good.. if cooked right.!
    My husband and I eat it.. I've feed beave stogonoff to 30 people they all came back for seconds..!
    Too back all that meat went to wast..!
    the native american people in Alaska call beaver there save meat.
    Why becouse is doesn't get rabies ..
    Should have called me if that beaver had still been warm the meat was still good..
    No not from the heat warm...! you know what I mean..!
    any way beaver is very very good..!
    Is doesn't teast like chicken... is does teast like venason..but it does pull apart like chicken.
    but you have to know who to cook it..!
    Type at you late
    Betty B

  6. I really like the baby Robin photos..
    very good..Girl.!
    Betty B

  7. Thank you, Betty. The trapper story goes back 45 years. I don't know what people thought about eating beaver then. Maybe it was regarded as unfit to eat. Who knows! He may also have eaten them, but he had a mountain of more than 100 carcasses, so maybe he just got sick of eating it! He was apparently a pretty good trapper to have trapped that many over a winter. I wouldn't want to eat that many cheese burgers, either!